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Florists Marketing Together
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By working together, we can keep the cost of marketing low and get back to the orders we are losing to the dot coms. After all, most of the incoming orders being received by florists are originating locally. If we don't make an effort to secure the customer transaction then the only other way to get that order is as a wire in costing over 27%. Click here to watch a video explanation.

We are a group of forward thinking floral retailers that understand the value of volume marketing. The more coverage we get, the more opportunities we can have for sales.

As a group, we have had great success with everyday catalogs, holiday brochures, holiday postcards, everyday postcards, coupon magnets and more. We are interested in partnering with innovative florists who wish to keep their printing costs as low as possible, enabling maximum coverage with printed materials. Meeting deadlines is a priority in terms of ordering, customizing, proofing and making payments so your commitment to prompt responses is required.

By working together, we can keep the cost of marketing materials low for everyone. Take a moment to view our products we have developed. For cost information, please complete and submit a registration form.

Beneva Solutions is proud to offer exclusive holiday collectibles from the Conforti Collection. These products are one of a kind heirloom quality containers and are delivered in collectors boxes. Click here to view their product line.

09-06-14   6 Things to Know About Social Media
  Should your business be tweeting, engaging customers on Facebook, and blogging away? More florists and experts are saying “yes.” I say, “It depends.”

08-26-14   Is Walmart your next competitor? Amazon Fresh could become the reason.
  For years we have thought, and some florists still do, that FTD and 1-800-Flowers, Teleflora and Pro Flowers are the local florist’s competition. In reality, the only ones they compete with are each other. They appear in a space no local florist occupies. Why do they battle for orders?

08-14-14   Steve Ballmer's Blunder
  Steve Ballmer just purchased the Clippers for 2 billion dollars. For those of you that do not know Ballmer, he grew the profitability and sales of Microsoft. While doing so, he maintained his focus on his “Cash Cow” and discounted a huge opportunity right under his nose.

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